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Title: Welcome Homme_de_noiR
Post by: FennelFetish on 12.11.2015, 00:02:43
I'm happy to tell you that our clan has grown again! :)
A warm welcome to our newest member:

GoD | Homme_de_noiR

He will also design our own set of clan T-shirts! How cool is that :D
These are the kind of things that make clans fun :)

Homme, we're sure you'll enjoy being a GoD and the ambrosia that awaits you.
Title: Re: Welcome Homme_de_noiR
Post by: Peter Silie on 19.11.2015, 20:36:50
Sry for beeing so late, but real life sometimes s***s >:)

Anyway: a big welcome from me to and you should enjoy this heavy trip as we do :lol:

Have fun :yep: