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Title: Clan wars
Post by: GuildDio on 30.05.2017, 20:13:27
Hello everyone!

As you may already know, we had a nice friendly CW with SoS lately:

The Guild makes efforts to organize any clan actions/events.
We hope that one fine day the former popularity of clans and clans rivalry will revive in OA.

We play any modes, from CA to CTF, both all weapons and instantgib.
We will be glad to have some matches with GoD Clan as well. :)

What do you think about this idea - Guild vs GoD CW? :D
Any feedback is appreciated: when and where it can happen, which maps, modes etc...

The Guild Clan
Title: Re: Clan wars
Post by: Eug on 30.05.2017, 22:36:48
I'm giving a short feedback, just my thoughts: I'm pretty sure that if we would have been with the old energies, we would have accepted. But nowadays only three players are active, therefore it would be complicated to organize, because as far as i know, we use sparsely this blog either; we don't get in touch otherwise.

Secondly, I often play on :F instagib CTF, and GeM before that, because I can't play any other kind of gameplay. I'm noob in others.

Therefore, I agree it would be very fun but I think we need to decline untill a good period in the future for us as a playing group. Maybe we'll try to expand the members list too.

TL;DR: for now you find us playing many evenings a week on instagib  :D
Title: Re: Clan wars
Post by: GuildDio on 02.06.2017, 21:22:58
[Attention!] Important update

Hi all, I have to tell you that official 4v4 CTF tournament (with 8 clans) will happen very soon.
All information and details can be found here: http://challonge.com/ctfwar
The same link for registration, please hurry up, it'll close when 8 clans will be signed up, and 4 already did.

The Guild Clan
Title: Re: Clan wars
Post by: FennelFetish on 17.06.2017, 15:27:24
Hi all,
I'm sorry for my very irregular presence. I agree with eug and personally I'd rather keep it casual for now.
Things might change after summer though, let's see.
Title: Re: Clan wars
Post by: Oyakizam on 25.12.2017, 10:47:03
This is so wonderful that I found it.
Title: Re: Clan wars
Post by: Rados on 19.01.2018, 15:34:12
Are you in contact with other clans for clan wars? That kind of stuff could be extremely fun and it could give people more reason to keep playing.