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General / Re: Clan wars
« on: 17.06.2017, 15:27:24 »
Hi all,
I'm sorry for my very irregular presence. I agree with eug and personally I'd rather keep it casual for now.
Things might change after summer though, let's see.

General / Re: Tonight best moment:
« on: 26.11.2016, 19:49:34 »
ggs eug! nice collaboration

News / Welcome Nurredin!
« on: 29.09.2016, 19:33:14 »
It's been a while since the last GoD news: Some of us had to take a gaming break during summer. But as usual, the GoD clan revives when the temperatures drop and the graphics cards stop howling their fans in the heat. We're almost complete again and ready for this autumn's OA season! :D

I'm also glad to announce that we now have GoD | Nurredin supporting us in this undertaking. Surely you all know him already from occasional instantgibbery in the arena.

Welcome Nurredin! May your grip on the mouse always be firm!

General / Re: I'm sorry
« on: 08.02.2016, 17:42:33 »
That's no problem, it was a rather spontanous invitation anyway.
Can you propose another date that works for you?

General / Re: CRT vs LCD TFT
« on: 30.12.2015, 18:12:36 »
This thing will occupy your entire desk...?! :p Nice resolution and refresh rate for that price i suppose. I really have no clue about monitors but i heard CRT's are still popular among gamers. I use a 24" and 22" TFT. Maybe I should mount them on the wall - can't have enough space.

I'm inspired, when I wear the gold and red dress.
such a great thread  :yep: :yep:

News / Welcome Eug!
« on: 17.11.2015, 13:12:09 »
I'm very glad to announce that we are now 7 GoDs in our clan. :yep:
There he is, our newest fellow:

GoD | Eug

A worthy foe in the past, it's good to have him as a partner now :)
Welcome aboard, Eug!

News / Welcome Homme_de_noiR
« on: 12.11.2015, 00:02:43 »
I'm happy to tell you that our clan has grown again! :)
A warm welcome to our newest member:

GoD | Homme_de_noiR

He will also design our own set of clan T-shirts! How cool is that :D
These are the kind of things that make clans fun :)

Homme, we're sure you'll enjoy being a GoD and the ambrosia that awaits you.

lol, you shamelessly stole that from neutrino! :lol:
I'd like a shirt which doesn't look too much like advertisement or gun fetishism. Maybe with clantag on the back above Angelyss who rips the back of the shirt with the gauntlet. And on the front side a little fennel where the heart is :yep: ;D

Btw is this your application? :)

Downloads / Re: OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« on: 04.11.2015, 17:38:14 »
I usually play with cg_drawCrosshairNames 0 so I don't see player names. However, sometimes I want to search for a certain teammate or opponent ;)
This is why I use this little script as a toggle on a mouse button:

Code: [Select]
seta chnames1 "cg_drawCrosshairNames 1; echo Crosshair Names ON;  set chnames vstr chnames0"
seta chnames0 "cg_drawCrosshairNames 0; echo Crosshair Names OFF; set chnames vstr chnames1"
seta chnames  "vstr chnames1"

bind MOUSE5 "vstr chnames"

This can be used with any option.

Downloads / OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« on: 04.11.2015, 17:08:19 »
I found my old chat bindings and I'm trying to use them now in public games :) Because why not.
I'm using the arrow keys and a little script to indicate 8 different directions. It's very easy to remember.

↑↑: Flag leaving HIGH
↓↓: Flag leaving LOW
←←: Flag leaving LEFT
→→: Flag leaving RIGHT

↑← / ←↑: Flag leaving HIGH LEFT
↑→ / →↑: Flag leaving HIGH RIGHT
↓← / ←↓: Flag leaving LOW LEFT
↓→ / →↓: Flag leaving LOW RIGHT

If you want to use it too, here's the script. Change it however you like.

Code: (bind.cfg) [Select]
// Text
seta say_flag_up        "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH;       vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_down      "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW;        vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_left      "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LEFT;       vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_right     "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3RIGHT;      vstr state_reset"

seta say_flag_upleft    "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH LEFT;  vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_upright   "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3HIGH RIGHT; vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_downleft  "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW LEFT;   vstr state_reset"
seta say_flag_downright "say_team ^1Flag ^7leaving ^3LOW RIGHT;  vstr state_reset"

// States
seta up_exec    "vstr state_up"
seta down_exec  "vstr state_down"
seta left_exec  "vstr state_left"
seta right_exec "vstr state_right"

seta state_reset "set up_exec vstr state_up;          set down_exec vstr state_down;          set left_exec vstr state_left;         set right_exec vstr state_right;         set delayed_reset vstr dr_off"

seta state_up    "set up_exec vstr say_flag_up;       set down_exec vstr state_reset;         set left_exec vstr say_flag_upleft;    set right_exec vstr say_flag_upright;    set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_down  "set up_exec vstr state_reset;       set down_exec vstr say_flag_down;       set left_exec vstr say_flag_downleft;  set right_exec vstr say_flag_downright;  set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_left  "set up_exec vstr say_flag_upleft;   set down_exec vstr say_flag_downleft;   set left_exec vstr say_flag_left;      set right_exec vstr state_reset;         set delayed_reset vstr dr0"
seta state_right "set up_exec vstr say_flag_upright;  set down_exec vstr say_flag_downright;  set left_exec vstr state_reset;        set right_exec vstr say_flag_right;      set delayed_reset vstr dr0"

// Reset
seta delayed_reset "vstr dr_off"
seta dr_off ""

seta dr0 "set delayed_reset vstr dr1"
seta dr1 "set delayed_reset vstr dr2"
seta dr2 "set delayed_reset vstr dr3"
seta dr3 "vstr state_reset"

// Binding
bind UPARROW    "vstr up_exec"
bind DOWNARROW  "vstr down_exec"
bind LEFTARROW  "vstr left_exec"
bind RIGHTARROW "vstr right_exec"

bind w "+forward; vstr delayed_reset"
bind a "+moveleft; vstr delayed_reset"
bind s "+back; vstr delayed_reset"
bind d "+moveright; vstr delayed_reset"

Save it as bind.cfg in your baseoa directory and then in the game type "/exec bind.cfg" in the console.

News / Re: World Domination ;-D
« on: 21.09.2015, 22:17:16 »
Welcome aboard! :hello:

General / Re: OpenArena Summer 2015
« on: 29.06.2015, 17:26:44 »
I'm on a roadtrip until july or august. When will the games take place?

General / Problem sending E-Mails
« on: 19.04.2015, 19:52:40 »
There were some error messages in the forum log regarding undelivered e-mails. If you used the "Send Email" form to contact a forum member a few days ago, the mail was not sent.
Now it should work.
(Problem was the mail account used a '#' character in the password which commented out half of the line in the config file :lolsign:)

Servers / GoD | Insta ReverseCTF
« on: 12.04.2015, 12:16:59 »
GoD | Insta ReverseCTF   :greengun:
Instantgib CTF with swapped spawn points   :flash:

Address:  /

Take that flag home! Your team spawns in the enemy's base - enemies spawn in yours.
Picking up the flag right after you spawn will change the gameplay considerably.
Push your way through classic CTF maps. This is gonna be intense!

The /kill command has been disabled.

  • god_ps37ctf
  • oasago2
  • ps9ctf
  • pul1ctf
  • oacmpctf2
  • speedyctf
  • mkbase
  • 13dream
  • god_openarena
Be sure to set cl_allowDownload to 1 to download the additional maps ingame.

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