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News / Re: Welcome Nurredin!
« on: 20.11.2016, 18:10:29 »

News / Re: Welcome Nurredin!
« on: 29.09.2016, 20:19:05 »
That is a realy good news :yep:

A welcome to Nurredin from my side and i am glad to see you joining our journey "where no man has gone before" ;D

General / Re: Game night!
« on: 13.09.2016, 00:46:33 »

General / Re: Game night!
« on: 31.08.2016, 21:47:12 »
Autumn could be a good point to restart playing oa in my case :yep:
Was a long summer with lot of work to do, but i guess i will be back soon >:)

News / Happy New Year
« on: 01.01.2016, 22:19:57 »
2015 is gone now and we will give the new year a try! >:)

So lets also have fun in 2016 and may the force be with you :lol:

General / Re: Long, long time ago...
« on: 30.12.2015, 23:24:48 »
And i know that you are still having your zagbur.cfg :D
Can we add you to our list of members?

IIRC Mersiries was also there, so in fact there were a total of 5 GoDs online ;D
In any case: playing with some other GoDs wearing their tags is much fun :yep:

General / Re: CRT vs LCD TFT
« on: 30.12.2015, 23:18:23 »
I loved the CRTs, the contrast is still unbeaten by this LCDs.
But LCDs are cheap as hell even on large displays (i bought a 55" TV for just 600 Euros last year), they are flat and fit my needs (i am blind as a mole :lol:). And CRTs arenĀ“t as sharp as LCDs.

Some weeks ago i was in a store and saw an OLED. This is what i want to buy next! Black is black and not this dark grey like on LCDs. But OLEDs are too expensive now :'(

No opinion on gaming screens because i still use my old Notebook with WLAN and an old office mous :lol:

General / Re: Long, long time ago...
« on: 27.12.2015, 19:57:56 »
Join? :D

News / Merry X-Mas
« on: 26.12.2015, 20:39:08 »
We finaly missed to give you some season greatings :lol:

In any case: we wish you a merry x-mas and hope, that you get many gifts from your beloved :yep:

News / Re: Welcome Homme_de_noiR
« on: 19.11.2015, 20:36:50 »
Sry for beeing so late, but real life sometimes s***s >:)

Anyway: a big welcome from me to and you should enjoy this heavy trip as we do :lol:

Have fun :yep:

News / Re: Welcome Eug!
« on: 19.11.2015, 20:35:21 »
Great :yep:
GoD is growing again and i hope, that you will enjoy this party as much as we do since some years :rofl:

Glad to have you in, eug!

Nice idea!
But maybe just the oa logo @ the back would be better?

Anayway: you should give it a try on the official oa forum too :yep:

Downloads / Re: OpenArena Binding / Scripts
« on: 05.11.2015, 19:58:54 »
Nice little binds!

News / World Domination ;-D
« on: 21.09.2015, 20:05:11 »
OK guys, now it is official!

Since yesterday GoD is a multi continental clan :eek:
We are realy happy and proud to announce our newest Member:


We hope, that he will have as much fun as we have and give him a big welcome :yep:
Glad to have you in, Lukel!

So stay tuned and enjoy our trip through the world of OpenArena and rl (tm) ofc too :lol:

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